Slim Gym: Club

If you’re not a fan of working out alone in gyms but still want to get fit, then you’ve come to the right place! Here in Slim Gym, you will form new friendships while striving for your fitness goals! Joining Slim Gym Club gives you different opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else.

Fun workout classes

There are times when dragging yourself out of bed to maintain your streak at the gym gets difficult, especially if you’re working out by yourself. It also requires confidence to walk and go straight at the treadmill for your daily run. In Slim Gym, you don’t have to worry about doing routines alone! You can choose from our various workout classes and join whatever you want to participate in. Working out in groups will make you feel a lot more motivated and energized, so say goodbye to the lonely times at the gym!

Slim Gym offers different workout classes to suit the members’ needs. You can join our yoga class if you want to improve your mindfulness and focus. With its concentrated movements and postures, it strengthens your core muscles and aligns your back to give you an attractive posture. The breathing exercises also allow you to focus better and increase your blood flow. 

Similar to this, we also have classes on aerial yoga where you will learn how to do yoga poses while suspended in the air using a swing. In this class, the instructor will teach you how to maintain balance and improve your flexibility. This exercise is fun because it feels like you’re flying while getting the benefits of a regular yoga routine. In addition to this, this type of yoga requires you to execute movements and postures without falling off the swing, which contributes to improving your memory and coordination.

A great cardiovascular workout that Slim Gym offers is kickboxing, which helps in toning your muscles and core. Since this activity involves the movement of your entire body, you will feel the rush of adrenaline as you burn calories, improving your mood and making you feel elated. Many members of Slim Gym enjoy this activity because it relieves their stress and helps them get quality sleep.

Cycling is another class that we provide if you want to tone your calves while listening to upbeat music. The use of music during exercise keeps you motivated and energized until the end of your daily routine. 

Another activity that incorporates music into routines is Zumba. It doesn’t matter if you dance well or not. Since everyone goes along with each other well, the Zumba class often turns into a fun dance party. You mustn’t think too much in looking decent in this class because appearance is not the priority during this time. Just make sure that you try your best in executing the routines while also enjoying it!

Body step is an activity similar to walking up and down a flight of stairs, focusing on toning the butt and legs. If you wish to improve these parts of your body, then this class is suitable for you! If your schedule is a bit tight, you can avail of other Bodystep sessions that last for 30 minutes and 45 minutes. Though a bit shorter than the regular class, these sessions guarantee that you will still burn the same number of calories. 

If you enjoy workouts that focus on building muscles, then check out our muscle-focused workout. This activity involves complex stretching techniques and movements to release the stiffness and tensions in your muscles caused by long hours of sitting. You will surely feel noticeable changes in your joints, as they will be more loose and relaxed. 

One of the hardest workout classes in Slim Gym is our bootcamp workout, where our instructors use callisthenics and military-style drills in the routines. If you plan to join this class, having an experience in aerobic activities and strength training will be beneficial for you because this bootcamp class is exhausting. Without any previous training, your body will find it difficult to cope with the stress and tensions that it feels. Of course, our instructors and staff will always assist you should you need help with anything.

One of the things that we’d like our members to remember is that safety is our utmost priority. Whether it’s an easy or intense workout routine, as long as you don’t feel well physically, do not hesitate to ask help from any of our staff, instructors or even other members. 

Relaxed environment

Though workouts get rigorous most of the time, Slim Gym provides a relaxed environment where you can execute your routines without feeling any tension or worry. Sometimes gyms give off a competitive atmosphere, affecting your performance negatively and limiting your freedom to move around. In our club here at Slim Gym, everyone goes along really well with each other, forming friendships instead of building tensions.

The ambience of a room is crucial in getting those movements right, so our instructors make sure that everyone is comfortable and ready to engage in class. 

Lack of confidence in your abilities can also put you off and simply skip the gym for the day, that is why we exert efforts in making each member feel welcomed and at ease. You don’t have to feel intimidated with how everyone else is doing well, as our personal trainers will help you focus on yourself and your routines. As long as someone is there to guide you amidst your confusion, you will get through those exercises easily. 

Personal trainers

Designing workouts routines by yourself is difficult, especially if you’re an expert in the fitness field. You may end up aimlessly moving weights or other equipment without a specific goal in mind. Of course, this is not effective and will not benefit you in the long run.

For instance, losing fat and building muscle require different routines. Since many people are not aware of this, they end up doing routines that are not in line with their goals. A personal trainer can teach you the proper exercise that would help attain your fitness goals. 

Joining a gym by yourself makes it easy for you to get distracted and lose motivation to continue. 

If you’re new to working out, you might have some difficulties using gym equipment. Having a trainer to instruct you on the proper handling and usage of such can save you from possible injuries. Aside from this, injuries resulting from incorrect forms during exercises can also be prevented.

With a personal trainer, you will have someone to guide you through, whether it’s an easy or intense workout routine. It will not be as hard to stay motivated, and you can stay at the top of your game all the time.

Nutritionist services

To compliment your workout routines, Slim Gym provides nutritional support to make sure that you’re getting the nutrients you need every day. Whether you need an education on fitness, guidance through your journey or contestant professional support, Slim Gym has your back! These perks come with signing up as our member. We strive to only give the very best to everyone who shares the same goals as us!

Extensive range of facilities

Signing up to Slim Gym avails you of our extensive range of facilities to ensure that you have everything you need. Most regular gyms only provide the common exercise machines that people usually use, like the treadmill, cycling machine and weight. This also in turn limits the exercises that you can include in your routines. In a way, you’re depriving yourself of the vast movements that your body can do.

Slim Gym assures that you can have access to different fitness equipment to maximise your workout. If you’re into racket sports like tennis, squash or badminton, we have the courts for you! Ball and rackets are made ready at your disposal, and all you have to do is walk in the room and start warming up!

If you want to focus on your thighs, hips, abs and calves, simply head straight to our room allotted for spin bikes! You can now get rid of your belly fat and get those toned calves you’ve always wanted.

With all these facilities at Slim Gym, you’ll be able to get a full muscular and cardio workout! 

Spa services and other amenities

After all the stress and strain during the workout session, your body deserves to be pampered and relaxed. You can visit our spa facilities anytime to freshen yourself up before heading out. We offer several steam and sauna rooms where you can sit back and let the heat clear your pores of toxins or bask in the warmth of the jacuzzis, with the hot water ridding your muscles of the workout aches tensions.

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