Shoe Fitting this Wednesday

It is hard to believe that your shoes can have such an impact on your overall health. If you are wearing the wrong shoes for your feet or your current shoes are past their expiry date, then you could run the risk of numerous body ailments. A few common issues are knee or hip problems, calluses, blisters and the ever dreadful plantar fasciitis.
So to help you avoiding some of these foot related issues we have invited local shoe specialist, Luke MacDonald from Aerobics First ( to do proper shoe fittings. He will be at the gym on Wednesday, March 30th from 7am to 7pm sizing up your feet and analyzing your old footwear to see your wearing pattern. This service is free to all members and we strongly encourage you to let Luke assess your footwear needs.
He will also be bringing a large stock of athletic shoes and will be offering an exclusive deal to all Slim Gyms members.

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