New opening date!

Thank you so much for your patience. Due to construction delays over the past month, we have had to delay our opening by a week.

See you Tuesday September 8th – after the long weekend – for our opening at our new amazing space. We can’t wait and it is going to be so great!!!

In the meantime if you need a workout today – here’s a lower body blast for you designed by our trainer Michael Kendall.

Full body Squats x 15

Squat Jumps x 10

Leg sweep Lunge R x 12

Leg Sweep Lunge L x 12

Push ups – knees to chest x 12

Crunches x 25

Bike Crunches x 12

Reverse Crunches x 12

Accordion side plank R x 12

Accordion Side Plank L x 12

Seated Rotation x 12

Jumping Man R x 15

Jumping Man left x 15

Burpee x 12

REPEAT THIS 3 X’S… you Can DO IT!!

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