Slim Gym: Best gym attire for women

Going to the gym is not perfect without the right outfit on. It’s important to wear attire that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. This is because having a gym-ready appearance can help boost your confidence and motivation to work out. 

Here in Slim Gym, we don’t only help inspire you to live a healthy lifestyle but to give you outfit ideas that can prepare you for your next visit to the gym. Check these five style combinations you can try out:

  • Hoodie crop top and black leggings

The first perfect combination for a gym outfit is a hoodie crop top (of any colour) and black leggings. This can keep you warm and comfortable enough in your skin without having to worry about onlookers. 

You can also move more comfortably if you are wearing a long-sleeved top especially if you will do a lot of lifting or jumping rope. Also, putting on a pair of leggings can make you shift your movements easily such as when you are running on an inclined treadmill. 

  • Matching sports bra and leggings

For a more daring look, you can try out to wear a sports bra and leggings with matching designs. There are a lot of designs that you can choose from, varying on your preference. 

Whether you like pastel colours or those with patterns, go with what resonates with your personality the most. Also, it would look cute for an Instagram story to show off that you are ready to work out for the day. 

  • Short-sleeved top and leggings

If you want something simple then you can wear a short-sleeved top and leggings. This is a staple gym attire so you can never go wrong with it. Moreover, it can save you the time of choosing what to wear because you can simply grab any tee that fits your body just right. 

  • Short-sleeved mesh t-shirt and shorts 

You can try a unique combination of a short-sleeved mesh t-shirt with a sports bra under it. Then you can complement it with a pair of sweat shorts or high-waisted running shorts. This one of a kind outfit can help you easily wipe off your sweat and you can modify its style anytime. 

  • Tank top and shorts 

A tank top and shorts put together is a laid back yet stylish look. It is easy to move in and is not too hot to wear. You won’t also take too long to change with it since it can easily be removed. Choose a top that is not too tight on your body so you can still shift your movements with ease. 

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