Slim Gym: Benefits of planking

Slim Gym: Benefits of planking

Staying fit and being in good shape should be everyone’s goal. There are lots of ways to exercise such as riding a bike, jogging, playing a sport, or simply working out at home. You can choose from dozens of different methods to get started on your journey to fitness. 

People are obsessed with looking good and having a fit body nowadays. They want to feel confident in the clothes they wear and show it off on social media at the same time. You can even find all sorts of recipes and pro hacks on how you can lose weight without making too much effort. 

Here at Slim Gym, we want our customers to find their rhythm in finding a workout routine. If you want to lose weight and have a healthier body, then you need to put in the work. You can be sure that our trainers and staff will also be there to cheer you on. 

If you aren’t an avid gym-goer, then it can be difficult to adjust. To take things slowly at first, you can try basic exercises. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of planking:

  1. Planking will help build muscle.
    The practice of planking can look simple if you’re watching it from afar, but it can actually be difficult especially for first-timers. To get on a plank, you need to get on all fours and lift your body with your feet and arms. This will strain your body at first but once done properly, can do wonders for your strength and muscle development. 
  2. Planking will strengthen your core.
    While sustaining a planking position, it can seem easy at first but after a while, your core will begin to ache. If this happens, then it means the plank is working. It’s important to lift your back and make sure it’s level with your butt. This will test your core strength and make you stronger. 
  3. Planking can help improve your posture.
    The proper planking posture is maintaining a straight back and holding that position as long as possible. If you successfully execute a plank and do it regularly, then that can help stretch your spine and improve your posture. 

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