Slim Gym: Activities

Hello, gym buddies! Slim Gym provides different activities perfect for those who are just starting or looking for heavy workouts! Check them out below and join us now!


Slim Gym’s yoga class is one of the most popular classes among our members. Yoga is known for its excellent calming effects for the body, hence why many people choose to join this activity. This exercise involves concentrated movements and postures that strengthen the core muscles, aligning the body and giving you great posture and control of your back and limbs. Some of these are the forward bends, backbends and twists, which all contribute in keeping your bones healthy. Since yoga involves movements that require you to lift your own weight, you will have significantly stronger bones in the arms. It also prevents cartilage and joint breakdown by allowing your joints to go through their full range of motion. 

The breathing techniques taught in this class will help you get better sleep and improve your overall well-being. It effectively reduces stress levels and helps with stress management, which are all useful in dealing with daily challenges in career or personal life. Aside from this, the relaxation exercises in yoga help increase your blood flow, allowing more oxygen to your cells and improving their functions. 

Even though this exercise is not as active as other workout routines, yoga can improve your cardiovascular conditioning, which lowers the resting heart rate and increases your endurance. 

More benefits come with yoga exercises that are suitable for everyone!

By joining this class, you will not only strengthen your core muscles but also learn how to handle stressful situations with a clear mind and better judgment.

Aerial yoga

A little different from regular yoga, aerial yoga uses yoga swing to suspend your body in the air while executing poses and techniques. Our instructors will teach you how to use the swing and maintain balance easily. Don’t lose hope if you have a hard time holding a pose while on the swing because this activity is difficult at first. However, after a few classes, you’ll start to get used to it and soon find your balance. 

This type of yoga strengthens your core muscles and corrects muscle imbalances. It also relieves compressed joints, making you feel lighter and more in control of your body. Suspending yourself in the swing also contributes to increasing your flexibility, posture and overall strength. Even after one class, your back will feel more relaxed and aligned, giving you a better posture.

Like regular yoga, aerial yoga improves your coordination, memory and reaction time, making you more alert in different situations. It also promotes better recall of information, problem-solving and overall focus. 

If you want to get these benefits by suspending yourself in the air as you stretch out your limbs, then join this class now!


Are you up for a martial arts-type of fitness? Then our kickboxing class is for you! This adrenaline-filled activity is a great cardiovascular workout that will tone your muscles and core. You’ll surely burn a lot of calories if you join this class. After several sessions, kickboxing will help you build coordination and endurance while also improving agility and flexibility. The benefits don’t stop there because this also allows you to learn self-defence! This is a great way to release extra energy so you can have a better sleep or to simply relieve stress.

Our kickboxing class provides a small group class-style setting and individual stations with weighted bags, where the members execute punching and kicking exercises at intervals. 

Kickboxing will be difficult at first but after a few classes, you’ll soon find your rhythm and it will be easier from then on. Our instructors are always ready to give you a hand if you need help, so don’t hesitate to approach them!


Engage in a great cardio workout with our cycling class using our fitness centre cycling machine. You will feel energized as you cycle to fast-paced upbeat tracks that we play on our sound system. By playing this kind of music during the workout, your heart rate will build at different intervals, with alternating periods of sitting and stand. You can also adjust the intensity of the bike to suit your needs. 

If it’s your first time to use the cycling machines, make sure that the height of your seat and your bike handles are properly adjusted to make you comfortable. Our instructors are always available to help you if you’re not certain.

When you’re starting to get tired, just look around at the other members of our club doing their best in working those legs. You will instantly feel motivated to do the same!


Do you want to burn calories without feeling like you’re actually working out? Join this Zumba class where the fun and upbeat music helps you move your body around in tune with the beats. You will surely burn calories as you execute energetic dance routines with both low intensity and high-intensity moves. 

If you’re worried about not being a good dancer, then worry no more! Almost everyone that joins this class is not that great at dancing either! The important thing is that you’re having fun moving your body to the beats along with everybody else. Just enjoy the dance routines without thinking too much about how you look and before you know it, the class is done and your target calories are burned!

Body step

Want to tone your butt and legs? Body step can help you with that! Similar to walking up and down the stairs, this exercise will work your legs and increase your cardio fitness. What’s more fun is that you can move to the beat of the music to keep you energized! This is a fun workout that does not involve heavy routines but will still help you burn calories. 

If it’s your first time to try this exercise, there will be low-impact options available to help you get started. Since the difficulty levels start from easy to moderate, you don’t have to worry about getting left behind. After a couple of classes in a week, your body will get used to it and you can then move up to a higher-impact option.

Body step provides shorter sessions where you can still burn calories even if you’re pressed for time, like the 30-minute and 45-minute routines. If you’re not in a hurry, you can avail of the regular 60-minute session. 

Muscle-focused workout

Sometimes you can spend most of the day doing only minimal body movements without realizing it, especially if your job requires sitting in front of a computer for hours. Repeating this every day will surely take its toll on your body, starting from the aches and pains that start to creep up on your back. To prevent further body pains, this class will introduce you to exercises, movements and stretches that will energize your weak muscles, releasing stiffness and tension in your body. 

After a few classes, you will feel that your joints have become looser and easier to control. Since this is a light workout that doesn’t involve heavy routines, people who have just begun working out may find this the best way for them to get acquainted with the fitness club. 

Lasting for 45 minutes for each session, this class will surely give you a relaxed but satisfying workout!

Bootcamp workout

Looking for a heavy workout? Join our boot camp class now where we switch from an intense mix of aerobic to speed elements and strength training in each session!

Each class will alternate between bursts of intense activity and lighter training. Since this provides a whole-body workout, you will execute callisthenics such as lunges and crunches, drills and sprints, as well as pushup and pullups. Bootcamp workouts are modelled from military training, so expect some military-style drills from this class as well.

This is a challenging workout that requires little to no special equipment but guarantees that you will burn a lot of calories, and your body will feel healthier. Aside from building endurance, strength and agility, you will also find good friends and camaraderie in this workout. It is indeed more fun to expel extra energy and strengthen your body with other people that share the same goal!

However, this class is not for everyone, as it involves intense rapid movements and ballistic training that can be too challenging for those who are just starting. A good foundation of strength and aerobic training may be required before you join this class. However, if you want to try this workout, don’t worry because there are exercises that you can get familiar with first before moving on to boot camp, like aerobic activities and strength training.

Bootcamp workouts are physically exhausting, so it is important to let our instructors know if you have special needs or health issues. There is nothing wrong with starting slowly at first until you’re used to the fast routines.

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