Wayne MacKay acknowledged

Once again it gives us great pride to let you know that another Slim Gyms member has been recognised for their outstanding contributions in their field of work. Wayne MacKay, who is also a member of our 1000 workout club was voted as one of the top 25 lawyers in Canada. To go directly to Wayne’s … Read more

Slim Gyms Members Featured in Local Newspaper

Two of Slim Gyms long time members have been featured in an article in the Chronicle Herald. The husband and wife team of Stan and Ann Salsman are inspiring people from all over Nova Scotia to live a healthy life style. To learn how they have become such motivators then please click the link below

Think Resistance Training

Do you want to have a thinner, fitter, stronger and better looking body? If so than your best option is to begin performing resistance training regularly. What Is Resistance Training? Resistance training includes exercises using weights, machines and even body weight to exercise your body thoroughly. It is also known as strength training or weight training. … Read more