Slim Gym: Start your gym journey

Slim Gym: Start your gym journey today Starting your gym journey can be hard especially when you don’t know where to begin.Most people find gym exercises tedious and exhausting and then get easily discouraged. Fortunately, Slim Gym has your back with these easy gym workouts. We will provide you with the latest equipment and a … Read more

Tips before going to the gym

Going to the gym is a good way to step up your basic fitness routine. While running, home workouts and other outdoor activities keep you in shape, nothing gives your body the push it needs to stay fit and healthy like going to the gym.  Going to the gym may seem easy, but there are … Read more

Slim Gym: Best gym attire for women

Going to the gym is not perfect without the right outfit on. It’s important to wear attire that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. This is because having a gym-ready appearance can help boost your confidence and motivation to work out.  Here in Slim Gym, we don’t only help inspire you to live a healthy … Read more

Slim Gym: Best exercise routine

Slim Gym: Best exercise routine When going to the doctor for routine check-ups, they always ask if you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This usually means eating healthy food and working out regularly. Nowadays, people try their best to maintain a healthy body by going to the gym or working out at home.  Those who suffer … Read more

Slim Gym: Benefits of planking

Slim Gym: Benefits of planking Staying fit and being in good shape should be everyone’s goal. There are lots of ways to exercise such as riding a bike, jogging, playing a sport, or simply working out at home. You can choose from dozens of different methods to get started on your journey to fitness.  People … Read more