Student Deal Extended

Now is the perfect time to be a student at Slim Gyms! Originally intended for the summer months, Slim Gyms is extending a student rate of $45 per month. This gives the students access to all the perks that current Slim Gyms members have at a price that is easy to manage. The perks include our complimentary personal … Read more

Exercise Myths

1. Heavy weights bulk you up. What the bulk? I hear this from women all the time. I’m going to say something controversial: Ladies, drop the three-pound weights and pick up something heavier! I promise you that those five-, eight-, 10-, 15-pound weights are not going to make you big. First and foremost, we women do … Read more

Think Resistance Training

Do you want to have a thinner, fitter, stronger and better looking body? If so than your best option is to begin performing resistance training regularly. What Is Resistance Training? Resistance training includes exercises using weights, machines and even body weight to exercise your body thoroughly. It is also known as strength training or weight training. … Read more