Slim Gym: Fitness for beginners

Before you start, it’s a good idea to remember the benefits of working out so that these can serve as your motivation when you feel tired. The FITT Principle One of the basic principles in fitness training is the FITT Principle, which uses the FITT acronym to help people remember the variable in exercising. This … Read more

Slim Gym: Importance of fitness

Boosts your energy Exercising allows you to move your body and deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, which makes your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. It also improves your muscle strength and endurance. All of these contribute to giving you a healthier heart and lungs, making you feel more energized in doing your errands. … Read more

Slim Gym: Club

If you’re not a fan of working out alone in gyms but still want to get fit, then you’ve come to the right place! Here in Slim Gym, you will form new friendships while striving for your fitness goals! Joining Slim Gym Club gives you different opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else. Fun workout … Read more

Slim Gym: Activities

Hello, gym buddies! Slim Gym provides different activities perfect for those who are just starting or looking for heavy workouts! Check them out below and join us now! Yoga Slim Gym’s yoga class is one of the most popular classes among our members. Yoga is known for its excellent calming effects for the body, hence … Read more

Shoe Fitting this Wednesday

It is hard to believe that your shoes can have such an impact on your overall health. If you are wearing the wrong shoes for your feet or your current shoes are past their expiry date, then you could run the risk of numerous body ailments. A few common issues are knee or hip problems, … Read more

New opening date!

Thank you so much for your patience. Due to construction delays over the past month, we have had to delay our opening by a week. See you Tuesday September 8th – after the long weekend – for our opening at our new amazing space. We can’t wait and it is going to be so great!!! … Read more

We are Moving to 7071 Bayers Road

As of September 1, 2015 we are moving our gym to the Bayers Road Centre on 7071 Bayers Road. We are very excited about the relocation and continuing our unique style of training for our current and future members. In addition, we are pleased to finally be able to reach the final phase of our transition into … Read more

Slim’s Member talks about his dementia

Darce Fardy The following link is an article written by retired journalist and Slim Gyms member, Darce Fardy about his future with Dementia. It is a captivating story and we are very proud of him for exposing this condition. We know so many people will benefit from his courage. Please take a few minutes to … Read more

Wayne MacKay acknowledged

Once again it gives us great pride to let you know that another Slim Gyms member has been recognised for their outstanding contributions in their field of work. Wayne MacKay, who is also a member of our 1000 workout club was voted as one of the top 25 lawyers in Canada. To go directly to Wayne’s … Read more

Slim Gyms Members Featured in Local Newspaper

Two of Slim Gyms long time members have been featured in an article in the Chronicle Herald. The husband and wife team of Stan and Ann Salsman are inspiring people from all over Nova Scotia to live a healthy life style. To learn how they have become such motivators then please click the link below